Intellectual Property

Intellectual property notification - ALL images AND content on this website are owned by and we reserve the right on all images and website. We deny any usage of our images and content without our permission, those found to be using our content and images without consent will be reprimanded legally. 
We have an international legal team and brand protection services in place to deal with IP infringements rapidly. 
Minimal Floor Lamp has rapidly attained a global reputation for beautiful designer lighting appliances. So, it's no surprise that counterfeiters and scammers have taken a liking. Worry not, we are well protected. Those imitating our products will be reprimanded legally. Unfortunately, a few people have fallen for them and had their money taken or faulty non-certified electrical appliances cause damage to their homes.
To avoid the fakes, only purchase directly from 
To become an authorised retailer please email:
How to recognize the Counterfeit?
Counterfeit tends to fit any of these three condition as blow:

1. They don't have any ready stock in your country.
2. Claim worldwide shipping which is impossible due to fragileness of the product. If they do ship the package to you, 99% of the time you will receive a damaged product because of international shipping.
3. Power adaptor, our power adaptor model vary form the country to country. If they uses a additional worldwide adaptor which is unprofessional.

If you find any counterfeits or scammers, feel free to contact us, we'd love to help your with, please email us